"My novel is the story of a girl named Scarlett O'Hara who lived in Atlanta during the civil war."

Margaret Mitchell

Margaret Mitchell wrote a civil war book disguised as one of the greatest romance novels ever published. How we say what we say matters almost as much as who we say it to. Knowing your audience, knowing your desired destination of your message is data journalism at it's finest. Combining analytics with on point messaging attracts the right visitors for measurable change.


We will ghost write under your name or our in house alias,
SJ Watling.

KSO Creative

Our pen name pays hommage to a few of our literary favorites. SJ stems from Sarah Jessica (Parker) as Carried Bradshaw the magazine writer in Sex in the City. Watling we stole from Belle Watling, the prostitute from Gone With The Wind as we occasionally feel we are whoring our wares. Note: Nail polish is altered when we ghost write to capture the personality of the "author".